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Access to higher education for refugees

The general rules for foreign student applicants essentially apply to refugees. If you are interested in applying to study at Martin Luther University, the following information can help.

Where do I have to apply?

Foreign students applying to study at MLU should submit their applications to uni-assist e.V., the work and service point for international student applications in Berlin. Your application will be assessed on behalf of MLU and then forwarded to us

Which documents do I have to submit?

▪ Your high school diploma that entitles you to study in your home country.
▪ Certificates and grade transcripts from your former university if you have already studied.
▪ Proof that you know the German language, except for courses of study in English and art.

uni-assist e.V. requests your application documents be officially certified copies and certified translations into German or English. uni-assist e. V. currently charges a fee of 75 euros to process your application.

Can I still apply if I am unable to submit my certificates?

Yes, if, for political reasons, you are unable to submit certificates entitling you to access higher education, e.g. because you were unable to bring these to Germany. In this case, Martin Luther University can, after assessing you individual case, offer you the opportunity to sit a placement test at the university to verify your level of education and your entitlement to access higher education. Please arrange an appointment with the responsible consultant. However you must submit in every case a certificate attesting to your knowledge of the German language, which is a study requirement.

Which requirements do I have to meet in order to study at Martin Luther University?

All of the information regarding this and the further application process can be found in our leaflet for international student applicants.

Informationen zur Bewerbung
Informationen zur Bewerbung.pdf (32 KB)  vom 12.11.2019

Information about the application
Information about the application.pdf (31 KB)  vom 12.11.2019

Point of contact at Martin Luther University

Ms Andrea Schreiter
Phone: 0345 – 55 2 15 19
E-Mail: Löwengebäude (Hauptgebäude), ground floor

Ms Kati Gaudig
Phone 0345 – 55 2 13 14
Löwengebäude (Hauptgebäude), ground floor

opening hours:

Mon-Thu 10.00-13.00